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Everything that we do is 4 The Damn Win!


About our services:

(Limited spots available)

  • Olympia level coaching. 
  • All Pre-Contest packages come with unlimited text and email correspondence. 
  • All Off-Season packages come with unlimited email correspondence. 
  • Each package comes with a training plan, meal plan, and supplement guidance that are all tailored to your needs and goals. 
  • We required mandatory weekly check-ins with logbook monitoring and adjustments. 
  • We provide assistance with contest strategy and industry advice. We want to help you navigate your career as a fitness professional.
  • All coaching is designed with education in mind. We want you to learn as much as we want you to make progress.
  • Our services will give you everything that you need for an Olympia level prep regardless of your skill or experience level.


These packages require a significant investment of time, money, and are for those who take their physiques seriously. After you make a purchase, you will receive a confirmation email and questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is received by us then we will create and provide you with your program and instructions. Please allow 1-2 weeks for your program to be created and submitted to you from the date that you submit your questionnaire. We work as quickly as we can, but please understand that our programs are very detailed and take time to create. You are not charged for this period of time and we ask that you please budget this time into your plans. Your coaching will officially start with the first check-in that is submitted at the end of week 1. 


All pre-contest coaching will give you access via text and email. We understand that those in contest prep will require more frequent adjustments and an overall greater attention than those who are in the off-season. All off-season coaching gives you access via email only and our rates reflect this access. The month-to-month coaching is offered for those of you who may want to try out our service before committing to one of the coaching packages, or for those of you who may not require a full 12-16 weeks of coaching. 


We appreciate your commitment to our 12-week and 16-week coaching packages and have discounted them from our month-to-month rate. Please note that all purchases are non-refundable once you receive your program.


Our Coaching Packages:


16 Week Coaching Packages

16 Week Pre-Contest $1200

16 Week Off-Season $1000


12 Week Coaching Packages

12 Week Pre-Contest $1000

12 Week Off-Season $800


Month-to-Month $350

Coaching Services

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